Holy Glutes!

It’s back to school tiiiiiime! So I started my fifth and final year of college a few weeks ago and am getting adjusted to my new class AND workout schedules. If yallz didn’t notice, I updated my workout page to reflect the changes in my summer and, now that school has started back up again, my current workout schedule. If you missed it, I’m now just working out two days per week about 45 min to an hour each session. On Tuesdays I hit legs and finish with a quick tabata routine, and on Thursdays I do upper body and full body HIIT.

So with a new workout routine comes new workouts! Yayayayaya! I developed two new workouts that I really have been loving. The leg workout that I did yesterday was beastly, and structured in a format that I’ve never done before which makes it way more fun. I must warn you though…your lower half will probably be screaming at you the next day. My glutes are not too happy with me today. The fact that I had to climb an absurd amount of stairs today to get to my classes poured just a little more salt in the wound. So you may want to avoid stairs/any sort of lower body movement following this workout…unless you like putting yourself through that kind of pain. I don’t know, some people like that torture. Whatever floats your boat. Anywhos without further ado….

Tighten That Tush Lower Body Workout

Tabata Finisher

See what I did there with the school theme 😀
Thought you all would appreciate that.

Now back to the workout…
You can complete this with just your body weight or with extra weights (kettlebells, dumbells, or a barbell). I added weights, so my breakdown looked like this:

1. 30# Single Leg Bulgarian Squats 15×4 Each Side
2. Superset:
40# Single Leg Deadlifts (R) x15
40# Single Leg Deadlifts (L) x15
20# Squat Jumps x15
3. Superset:
30# Hamstring Extension on Belly x15
40# Reverse Lunge to Kick x15 Each Leg
4. Bodyweight Elevated Pistol Squats 15×4 (Cause these things are HARD)
* To elevate myself, I use a bench that I have in my room. You can use a sturdy chair or a similar surface.

End with a quick 4 minute tabata, give yourself a gold star and call it a day.

Booty Kickin Killah Track Workout

When it comes to working out during the summer months, I always look forward to taking my routines outside.  I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that is beautiful year round, and not extremely hot during the summer. My old high school has a really nice football stadium (the “bowl”) that houses a turf field, a full set of bleachers, a narrow staircase, and a red rubber track. Its always open for the public to use, which is perfect for my track workouts! This one that I created is a combination of high intensity work with strength moves incorporated in as well.  I do this workout for my leg days because it really gets them burning. The high intensity intervals keep the heart rate up, so all in all, this one is KILLAH. Try it out if you’re in need of some booty kickin and remember to give it your all! Good luck 🙂

Booty Kickin Killah Track Workout

Side (or bottom?) note: If any of you are unfamiliar with Tabata style workouts, it just means you do 20 seconds of one exercise, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat for all of the exercises in the set. You will repeat for a total of two times.