So You Want Sore Biceps? Upper Body Workout

So You Want Sore Biceps? Upper Body Workout

So it’s been ages since I posted a workout (or anything for that matter) but I’ve had this upper body workout up my sleeve for quite some time. I finally have some spare time thanks to spring break so I thought I’d share it!

For my total body Thursday workout I included one round of this guy, along with some other total body videos. You don’t have to use the exact weights that are listed. Do what is most challenging for you. You can also use resistance bands for some of the moves, which I have been doing lately.

Now, let me explain the moves that have an asterisk next to them:

Target the biceps with lower and upper bicep pulses and full range bicep curls. You’re going to do 7 of each, making a total of 21 reps. First perform 7 lower bicep pulses then immediately move to 7 upper bicep pulses, then to 7 full range bicep curls. Do not rest in between moves.

Front shoulder presses
Target the shoulders and the biceps. Reference this video ( at 3:43 for a demonstration of the move.

Feel free to do this routine once as an addition to your upper body workout, or three times through as a standalone workout. Hope your arms feel like jelly afterwards! 🙂

Thursday’s Upper Body and Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit

Yesterday was upper/total body day! For my workout, I mixed in cardio bursts, upper body exercises, and a total body weighted circuit. Left me very sweaty! I was a bit disappointed this morning when my biceps weren’t sore from SarahFit’s workout. The first time I did it they were sore the next day. My body couldn’t have gotten used to it already so what the heck man?! Soreness isn’t the only indication of a good workout though so, give this one a try. Its a goodie 🙂

FitnessBlender Quick Sweat Cardio Workout

SarahFit Makeover Workout: Toned Arms in 2013
(x3 using 5 lb dumbbells)

FitnessBlender Quick Sweat Cardio Workout

Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit (below)

Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit
The total body circuit was adapted from Peanut Butter Fingers’ Weekend Circuit Workout. I changed it up by replacing some exercises and adding weights to make it tougher. I was only able to get through about 1.5 rounds of the circuit before the one hour mark cut me off. A solid 3 rounds would be a great total body workout on its own. Happy Sweating!