Thursday’s Upper Body and Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit

Yesterday was upper/total body day! For my workout, I mixed in cardio bursts, upper body exercises, and a total body weighted circuit. Left me very sweaty! I was a bit disappointed this morning when my biceps weren’t sore from SarahFit’s workout. The first time I did it they were sore the next day. My body couldn’t have gotten used to it already so what the heck man?! Soreness isn’t the only indication of a good workout though so, give this one a try. Its a goodie 🙂

FitnessBlender Quick Sweat Cardio Workout

SarahFit Makeover Workout: Toned Arms in 2013
(x3 using 5 lb dumbbells)

FitnessBlender Quick Sweat Cardio Workout

Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit (below)

Sweaty-town, USA Total Body Circuit
The total body circuit was adapted from Peanut Butter Fingers’ Weekend Circuit Workout. I changed it up by replacing some exercises and adding weights to make it tougher. I was only able to get through about 1.5 rounds of the circuit before the one hour mark cut me off. A solid 3 rounds would be a great total body workout on its own. Happy Sweating!

First Blog Post!

I decided for my first blog post to explain why and how I chose to start a blog. A few days ago, the thought entered my mind to create a blog after I had a conversation with my friend, Jenny, about a YouTube video. I had just discovered a YouTube fitness channel called FitnessBlender and I was pinning the heck out of those videos. Jenny soon texted me and basically told me that my pins were golden and I told her I found the jackpot. While watching the videos, I thought to myself that the girls that were doing the workouts had a pretty sweet job. All they had to do was complete the moves. They didn’t have to talk or anything because there was a voice  over giving directions. I told Jenny that I wanted in on that job and she half-jokingly suggested that we start our own YouTube fitness channel. At first I laughed, but later I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I knew it would be a lot of work and we would be competing against our idol, Cassey Ho of Blogilates (if you don’t know what this is, check her out NOW. Life changing. Plus she’s so adorable). I then thought hmm..maybe a blog would be a better launching point. I let it sit for a day and since I’ve been on this eating clean and fitness journey, I thought maybe I should start a blog for myself to document my recipes and workouts! So here it is. I did it. My only concern is keeping up with it when classes start back up in a couple of weeks. I will try my best. Oh and also, taking lots of pictures. Kind of an issue when I’m not much of a “take a picture of everything” person. Plus I like to eat my food once its done. We’ll see how this goes. Wish me luck!